A recent & Available Residential & Commercial Project in Gwadar.
Anchor City Ad RGB
Zameen 3D Final

Payment Schedule of Anchor City Gwadar

New Payment schedule 2018 Front

Profitable GDA-Investment Plan

The Company offering a unique investment service to property investors.

GDA Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. operates in the Gwadar City & focus on the investment strategies. purchasing commercial, Residential, and multiple properties for the purpose of selling and locating valuable investment properties for real estate investors. Gwadar is one of the most attractive destinations for all visionary investors, because Gwadar seaport falls among world's deepest seaports. Gwadar seaport will be connected with the subcontinents, West China, Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Geo-strategic importance of Gwadar ensures its place on the global investments skyline. It is estimated that Gwadar seaport will increase 50% GDP of Pakistan. Gwadar is the largest project in the entire history of Pakistan.

Economic analysts predicted that in future Gwadar seaport will play the vital role in the economy of Pakistan like Swiss-Canal, Panama Canal, Dubai, Singapore etc. Government of Pakistan..... Continue reading...

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